Video: How Staff Can Stay Safe During the Holiday Season

In a new video for frontline long term care workers, AHCA/NCAL’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Gifford is joined by Dr. Shari Ling, Deputy Medical Director at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The two chat about ways staff members can help keep their residents, colleagues, family members and themselves safe during the holiday season by discussing some myths we’ve heard and offering the facts.

The Future of Senior Living?


The Future of Senior Living

Senior care homes could be changed forever because of this concept. I love it!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are YOU Prepared?

November 17, 2017,  from Gero Nurse Prep staff member Anji Heath

The massive fire that occurred at the Barclay Friends Senior Living Community in West Chester, PA this morning serves as another reminder of the importance of having an emergency plan in place. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported. Though the cause of the blaze has yet to be released, I would speculate that given the low number of casualties and no fatalities reported, this facility got it right and was prepared for such an emergency.

I welcome you to refer to the AHCA/NCAL Emergency Preparedness page of their Website.

Certified Nurses Day!

Certified Nurses Day™, held annually on March 19, honors nurses worldwide who contribute to better patient outcomes through national board certification in their specialty. A registered nurse (RN) license allows nurses to practice. Certification affirms advanced knowledge, skill, and practice to meet the challenges of modern nursing.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) offers certification in gerontological nursing – the gold standard in demonstrating clinical excellence in geriatric patient care.  Less than one percent of RNs have this credentialing, so credentialed RNs help providers stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

AHCA/NCAL encourages Members to recognize their credentialed RNs on March 19.  If your RNs are not yet credentialed, take an important step on your quality journey by watching this video or going to the AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep  web site to learn more about this terrific course. Use promo code RNBCDAY (all caps) to receive $100 off each new registration between now and 3/31/17.

If your RNs are already certified, please encourage them to plan for recertification by going to the recertification flyer for some tips on how to maintain their credentials.

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