Strengthening the Chain of Wound Prevention and Care.

Senior care facilities place a high priority on person-centered care and attending to the body, mind, and spirit of the whole resident. One critical facet of that care is skin health and wound management. The good news is that there are more technologies and treatments, as well as certification and training programs, to help maximize outcomes and quality of life.

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Skin and Wound Care Program Essentials

Making sure that your skin and wound care program is comprehensive and updated is essential to increasing positive outcomes, reducing risk, and saving on costs. Hear more from Melissa Morgan, clinical resource manager at Medline Industries.

Creating a Wound Care Culture

recent study by researchers at the University of Chicago found that the reporting of wounds, especially pressure wounds, by long term care facilities is significantly underreported. Although the Centers for Disease Control states that approximately 11 percent of residents have pressure wounds, the Chicago study estimates that that number could be quite a bit higher.

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