2022 Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day – Thursday November 17, 2022

The objective of Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is to increase awareness about pressure injury prevention and to educate the public on this topic. NPIAP has developed an extensive media materials package, appropriate for all healthcare settings and organizations, which is available at https://npiap.com/page/2022WWPIPD

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast – Wheelchair Wounds Parts 1 and 2.

Join our co-host Renee Paulin as she brings on three professionals from Permobil who are highly involved in best practices with NPIAP. They share their expertise in the seating system with wheelchairs in regard to proper seated posture, cushion selection and maintenance, and the actual structure of the wheelchair. Renee along with Ana Endsjo, Kara Kopplin, and Stacey Mullis chat about their seating and wound expertise and how to help patients prevent pressure injuries. Helpful tips and resources are discussed to help healthcare professionals in multiple settings who work with wheelchair bound patients who are at risk or have current pressure injures. This series is helpful to learn how the team can work together to prevent breakdown and what to look for to ensure patients are receiving the best quality of care based on best practices.


n Part 2, this discussion focuses on funding for various seating systems as well as Medicare HCPC coding. Take a listen!  https://rnhuddle.unmc.edu/national-pressure-injury-advisory-panel-npiap-podcast-wheelchair-wounds-part-2/

Hitting Reset on Pressure Injury Prevention

The complexities of the COVID-19 public health emergency required skilled nursing facility (SNF) operations to change dramatically and often to save the lives of the most vulnerable population. Through heroic efforts, SNFs transformed clinical systems of care, sometimes in less than a day, to win the war against the pandemic.

While operations and resources shifted to battle COVID-19, unintended consequences emerged—one being greater incidence of pressure injuries. Now that the pandemic is at a turning point, facilities can start to refocus and improve this trend. This article suggests ways to reorient efforts toward preventing and managing pressure injuries.

Read the full article at https://www.providermagazine.com/Monthly-Issue/2021/July/Pages/Hitting-Reset-on-Pressure-Injury-Prevention.aspx

NEW Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injuries.

In this episode of RN Huddle, UNMC CON CNE’s Nurse Planner Renee Paulin (a certified WOCN) and UNMC’s, Dr. Janet Cuddigan, President of the National Pressure injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) discuss the NEW Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injuries. As an author of these guidelines, Dr. Cuddigan has the expertise to really explain these new guidelines and help answer any questions!