Free August 20 Webinar: Competent Geriatric RNs – The New Driver of Financial Performance

AHCA/NCAL will host a free webinar on Tuesday, August 20 at 3 p.m. EDT titled Competent Geriatric RNs – The New Driver of Financial Performance. This webinar discusses how the Gero Nurse Prep program increases geriatric care knowledge and prepares RNs to take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Board certification exam in gerontological nursing.

The webinar will include findings from research conducted by AHCA/NCAL this year showing that SNFs that employ at least one ANCC Board certified RN performed higher on average on SNF VBP performance scores. The average 2017 SNF VBP performance score across the nation was 34.4.  For SNFs with at least one RN who has been ANCC Board certified in gerontological nursing, the average SNF VBP performance score was 44.2.  The net result is that these SNFs get higher Medicare Part A reimbursements.

The AHCA/NCAL 2019 research also found that SNFs with at least one ANCC Board certified RN also experienced:

  • Fewer survey deficiencies
  • Fewer IJ citations
  • Lower rehospitalization rates
  • Lower rates of off-label use of antipsychotics
  • Higher CMS 5-Star ratings

To help RNs prepare for the ANCC Board certification exam, AHCA/NCAL offers an online course called Gero Nurse Prep.  RNs who complete the course earn 30 nursing contact hours and experience a 96% pass rate on the ANCC certification exam on the first try.  Gero Nurse Prep students also see a whopping 24 percent average increase between their pre- and post- Gero Nurse Prep test scores. ANCC Board certification in gerontological nursing is the gold standard in demonstrating clinical excellence in geriatric patient care for RNs.

Follow this link to register for the free August 20 webinar.  To learn more about Gero Nurse Prep and ANCC Board certification, watch this video and check out AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep today.