Review from Peggy Fairbanks, Director of Nursing Leadership Development

“ What a difference this course makes. For me personally, it really enhanced my confidence, knowledge and critical thinking skills. I feel much more equipped to deliver top-notch care, and that’s a rewarding feeling. Gerontological board certification is a badge of quality.

We sponsored this training for RNs across our facilities in the Midwest. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our nurses say it’s boosted their self-esteem, their job satisfaction, their level of care for the elders they serve.

It’s so much learning — with so many resources — all focused on current best practices. For our patients, it’s meant better quality care. At Vetter, we believe we owe it to our residents to become the best we can be. Earning certification is a big part of that continual process.”

Peggy Fairbanks, RN-BC
Director of Nursing Leadership Development
Vetter Health Services
33 facilities in 5 states:
Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas,
Missouri, Wyoming