Thank You from the “My RN is Smarter” Team!

Thanks from (left to right) Anna Fisher, Heidi Keeler, Angie Szumlinski and David Kyllo to all the folks who attended their presentation, “My RN is Smarter than Your RN: Case Study Benefits of the Gero Nurse Prep Program” at last week’s AHCA/NCAL convention.

If you missed the presentation, you can find out more about Gero Nurse Prep by going to or requesting information from


Staff Competencies Session

This session provides attendees with an understanding of the key components required to construct a staff competency program as well as strategies for return demonstrations, how to evaluate the effectiveness of a program, and methods to measure staff competencies.

Join Heidi Keeler, Anna Fisher and Gail Sheridan on Wednesday October 10, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM and learn how to:

  • Construct a staff competency program
  • Appraise return demonstrations from staff
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a staff competency program
  • Measure staff competencies

My RN is Smarter than Your RN: Case Study Benefits of the Gero Nurse Prep Program

This educational session will discuss how offering specialized training such as the Gero Nurse Prep course, aimed at preparing nurses for board certification in gerontological nursing through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, can bolster facility competency documentation.

Join Heidi Keeler, Anna Fisher, Angie Szumlinski and David Kyllo on Monday, October 8 from 3:15 PM to4:45 PM as they discuss:

  • How ANCC credentialing and board certification in gerontological nursing can strengthen the ability to demonstrate overall clinical competence and improved resident outcomes
  • How RNs can prepare for specialized gerontological care, using resources such as the GNP program, that has a documented 96% pass rate on the ANCC certification exam
  • How using RN credentialing as a mark of clinical excellence and competency can give your company a competitive edge with referral partners, families, and residents


Gero Nurse Prep is going to the AHCA/NCAL Convention.

Gero Nurse Prep prepares RNs for the ANCC Board Certification exam in gerontological nursing and increases geriatric nurse competency by 24% based on pre- and post-course test scores.  Visit with Dr. Heidi Keeler at booth 1724  to learn how Gero Nurse Prep can help strengthen your clinical performance and increase reimbursements.