When Residents Bring Substance Use Disorders with Them.

Facilities, staff, and families must work together to recognize and treat addiction and substance use disorders in LTC communities. Individualized plans are needed to provide necessary pain management without giving in to drug-seeking behaviors.


The Ongoing War on Infections

Infectious diseases will continue to present challenges for long term care. While vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 have had a positive impact, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other infections are creating concerns and demanding attention. The good news is that we know more than ever about infection prevention and control, and there are a plethora of tools, resources, and best practices to rely on.

Learn more at https://www.providermagazine.com/Issues/2023/Spring/Pages/The-Ongoing-War-on-Infections.aspx

Innovative Solutions for Challenges in Infection Prevention and Control

Infection prevention in skilled nursing facilities is essential for the safety of residents, staff, and visitors to minimize the communal spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). These facilities are home to some of our most vulnerable populations, including older adults and individuals with typically at least one chronic medical condition.

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OSHA Releases Final Rule on Improving Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) published a final rule on Improving Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses. This rule, effective January 1, 2024, modifies existing requirements for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. This rule directly impacts long term care (LTC) facilities (skilled nursing, assisted living, and intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ID/DD)) with more than 100 employees.


AHCA Publishes New Behavioral Health Resource

AHCA’s Clinical Practice Committee has published a Quick Guide to Behavioral Health Resources in LTC. This guide provides a comprehensive list of free Behavioral Health resources for Long Term Care (LTC) providers. LTC providers seeking assistance and support on promoting or managing behavioral health issues among residents are encouraged to check out this guide​.
These resources can be used directly by the facility and shared with residents and their families. ​

Bullying Among Seniors: A Prevention and Surveillance Guide – Updated Resource!

Bullying isn’t limited to the playground. Assisted living communities care for millions of seniors with diverse backgrounds and unique needs and behaviors. Bullying and its adverse effects have received greater focus in recent years, creating a need to have systems and processes in place to prevent bullying among seniors living in long term care.
For this reason, NCAL has updated the Bullying Among Seniors: A Prevention and Surveillance Guide. This guide will help organizations understand:
  • What bullying is
  • How to identify bullying
  • Why bullying might occur
  • Victim risk factors
  • How to create a positive environment
  • How to respond to incidents of bullying

Skin and Wound Care Program Essentials

Making sure that your skin and wound care program is comprehensive and updated is essential to increasing positive outcomes, reducing risk, and saving on costs. Hear more from Melissa Morgan, clinical resource manager at Medline Industries.


CMS Creates a SNF 5-Claim Probe and Educate Review Webpage

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced the start of the SNF (skilled nursing facility) 5-Claim Probe & Educate Review program. As part of the effort to lower the SNF improper payment rate, Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) will be reviewing a small number of claims from every Medicare-billing SNF in the country. The SNF will then be offered education to address any errors identified, helping them to avoid future claim denials and adjustments.

Find out more by going to https://www.ahcancal.org/News-and-Communications/Blog/Pages/CMS-Creates-a-SNF-5-Claim-Probe-and-Educate-Review-Webpage-.aspx